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How to choose chemical residues after washing and the appropriate test kit?

In industrial washing processes, how should our test sets be selected to be used for the detection of chemical contaminants remaining on the material or the washing machine after washing?

Industrial cleaners are used in dishwashing processes in hotels, catering companies and restaurants.

Generally, hot washes are done with an alkaline detergent. The products used are generally expected to move away from the residue-free environment after the first wash.

After washing, there should be no alkali or detergent residues on the dishes or on the equipment being washed.

Testing for chemical or food residues is easy with Testonic kits.

What should be considered when choosing a test kit?

It is written on the label of the washing chemical used whether it is alkaline or not and what type of detergent it contains.

If it is not on the label, it must be written in the SDS/MSDS documents.

The test kit is selected in line with the information here.

If it contains anionic detergents (SLS, SLES, Labsa, ALES etc.), Detergent Residue Test Kit - Anionic Detergents are used.

If it contains nonionic detergents (NP10 etc.), Detergent Residue Test Kit - Nonionic Detergents are used.

If it contains cationic detergents (Cetrimonium chloride, dodecyl dimethyl ammonium bromide etc.), Detergent Residue Test Kit - Cationic Detergents are used.

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