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ULTRACOL RM99 - Solar Panel Cleaner

Highly efficient, gentle and biodegradable cleaning agent for cost- and streak-free cleaning of solar and photovoltaic systems. It prevents lime formation. For all water hardness levels. For removing stubborn bird droppings, pollen, rust and dust. Suitable for aluminum frames.

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To remove stubborn and greasy dirt
Prevention of scale formation at all water hardness levels without the need to use water softening systems
Residue-free, trace-free, dry cleaning
Reduced subsequent contamination
Solar and photovoltaic modules as well as glass and plastic coatings, anodized and normal aluminum frame are not damaged
Gentle surface treatment thanks to improved gliding properties of the cleaning brushes
very efficient
Non-hazardous classification
Harmless discharge into the sewer system connected to the municipal sewage treatment plant
Easily biodegradable (in accordance with the OECD Directive)
Scope of application

Agriculture: Solar energy and photovoltaic systems
Contract cleaning: Solar energy and photovoltaic systems
Industry: Solar energy and photovoltaic systems

High pressure cleaners
Stir the primary mixture.
Pour the cleaning solution into the cleaning device.
Adjust the dosage and temperature on the device (application temperature max. 40°C).
Apply the cleaning agent solution to the surface to be cleaned with appropriate accessories and clean the surface from top to bottom.
Rinsing with fresh water is not necessary.

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