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ULTRACOL CLEAN SA - General Cleaning Detergent

General purpose cleaning detergent suitable for cleaning plastic, glass and metals

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ULTRACOL CLEAN SA is a general purpose cleaning detergent suitable for cleaning plastic, glass and metals. (Suitable for cleaning aluminum and other soft metals)

ULTRACOL CLEAN SA is a slightly alkaline detergent for general use in ultrasonic applications.
• Water based product
• General purpose cleaning
• Increases surface tension and improves ultrasonic performance
• Contains antifoaming agent
• Suitable for use on aluminum

It is used in a wide variety of applications in healthcare, including instrument decontamination.
cleaning of different components in manufacturing and processing industries. Ultraclean SA box
It is used to remove contaminants from plastic, glass, metal and other materials.

Instructions for use
Add 20-50 ml ULTRACOL CLEAN SA to 1 Liter of water to the ultrasonic cleaner.
The required dosage will depend on your cleansing application and level.
Products should be rinsed with water and dried immediately after processing.

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