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ULTRACOL PS - Peracetic Acid Stabilizer

Peracetic acid helps in product stabilization in products.

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Reliable Stabilizer of Peracetic Acid Disinfectants

ULTRACOL PS is an effective stabilizer used in the production of peracetic acid disinfectants.

When 1-5 g/l ULTRACOL PS is used in the production of disinfectants containing 13-15% peracetic acid, peracetic acid remains stable in the product.

This feature increases the effectiveness of the products while also providing ease of use.

ULTRACOL PS can be used in the production of peracetic acid disinfectants, from the healthcare sector to the food industry.

Manufacturers, healthcare institutions, laboratories, food businesses can benefit from the reliable stabilization properties of ULTRACOL PS.

ULTRACOL PS is designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability in peracetic acid disinfectant production.

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